Annual Inspection Services:

Koetter provides a thorough inspection service designed to identify areas of possible repair and improvement.

Our services include:

  • Visual examination of roof areas to evaluate existing conditions.
  • Visual examination of overall building exterior.
  • Sample analysis of system construction as deemed warranted by our inspector.
  • Review of any supplied installation documents, drawings or warranty information.  Then a comparison to the existing conditions is performed, and any observed differences are noted.
  • Written documentation of current conditions, including deficiencies.
  • Provide specific, detailed recommendations for immediate repairs and a 5-year repair/maintenance recommendation.
  • Photographs of all exterior areas with representative problem areas and conditions marked.
  • Recommendations for next action steps based up our findings.
  • Development of a maintenance schedule and service agreement, including written maintenance guidelines.
  • Summary report for each property detailing all immediately necessary repair and maintenance work, with the goal of maximizing building life.