Koetter Building Services


Our building envelope diagnostics services begins with the review of all available background material (blueprints,construction and maintenance documentation, etc.) in order to piece together an accurate history of previous problems and attempted repairs. Next, we conduct a Building Envelope Condition Survey followed by the preparation of detailed documentation outlining our recommendations and suggested project scope.The building envelope is the single most important element of a building. It is the separation between the interior and the exterior environments and serves as the outer shell to protect the indoor environment as well as facilitating its climate control.

Based on this documentation, our clients can then determine the work schedule best suited to their facility and incorporate expenditures into Capital Allocation Modeling or Asset Management Systems programs.

consultFinal reports are submitted to the property administrator for review. The Division of Building Services has developed its own innovative program to compile all findings in a database where inquiry may be made by building component (roofing, balconies, etc.), year or address. This was created as a tool for asset management and capital planning and allows owners, building specialists / controllers to continually identify and prioritize their capital projects for the next 10 to 20 years.