Civil /Site Construction:

The Koetter Site Construction Division is the heavy equipment arm of the Company responsible for many different site related activities. They transport, operate and maintain heavy earth moving, excavating and grading equipment. The road fleet consists of tractor trailers, dump body and flat bed vehicles as well as service vehicles for maintenance purposes.

Site Construction Division Managers and operators work from engineered site plans to establish grades through cut and fill operations for building pads, truck maneuvering areas, roads and parking lots. Using satellite based GPS and laser controlled leveling devices, they will grade, shape and compact every Koetter project site.

They also build drainage systems and detention basins for storm water management. The are also responsible for installing and maintaining erosion and sediment controls to provide environmental protection on and off site.

An important aspect of their tasks is the safe and timely transport of equipment to and from the job site and the upkeep and maintenance of each piece of equipment. By doing so, they insure that work production is maintained and schedules met.

Key Advantages to the Koetter Site Constuction Division:

  • Koetter owns substantially all of the heavy equipment it utilizes.
  • The Site Construction Division provides its own transportation and maintenance for equipment, ensuring the timely delivery and safe, working equipment.
  • By owning and maintaining the fleet, the equipment is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there and in good operating order.
  • The Site Division managers and operators receive continuing education and training on new methods, materials and equipment on a regular basis.
  • The Koetter fleet consists of 12 pieces of earthmoving equipment, 5 heavy and medium duty trucks, 12 crew trucks and 18 utility and management vehicles.