Concrete Construction:

The Koetter Concrete Division is responsible for the form work and concrete placement on every Koetter project. The Concrete Division consists of two separate groups of skilled workers.

The structural wall crew handles all the tasks that are required for building the foundation systems that are the basis of every building project. They are involved in coordinating and constructing all aspects of detailed and complex formwork to receive structural steel and other building systems. Their work must be precise and in complete conformance with building plans.

The floor crews handle preparation for and placement of concrete for floors, sidewalks, driveways, curbs and other specialty work. Like the wall crews, they have specific performance criteria that require minute planning and strict plan compliance.

The structural wall and floor crews work together on tilt-up concrete wall system projects. These projects are typically larger volume projects and are very intense in requiring coordination and communication skills in preparation, layout, reinforcement, placement, finishing and erection of the completed wall panels.

Both crews understand and work with the complexity of detailed and exact dimensioning requirements required for concrete placement. The crews work hand in hand, and with all other trades to insure for accuracy, strength and performance throughout each project. Each crew has quality assurance and accredited testing personnel that monitor all aspects of the trade to guarantee a high quality project for Koetter clients. Each crew stays abreast of the latest technology and equipment in the industry. From the use of laser guided equipment for surface control to chemical admixtures for hardness and durability, the Koetter Concrete Division is a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of using the Koetter Concrete Division:

  • Each crew receives ongoing crew level continuing education.
  • The Concrete Division is equipped with state of the art equipment.