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Engineered Fall Protection/Custom Access Systems:

Combining years of experience from our steel erection/fabrication division and our safety division, Koetter is proud to offer custom designed engineered fall protection and access systems.

Koetter has partnered with Companies such as 3M Capital Safety, Fix Fast USA and Diversified Fall Protection safety, to offer a multitude of safety system solutions. These partnerships afford Koetter access to the most cutting edge safety components in the word.

Koetter can design a system specifically for protection of your workers anywhere throughout your facility where there is a fall risk.  From passive fall protection such as perimeter guardrail systems, stairways and caged ladders for maintenance, to overhead cable and rail systems for bulk semi or rail loading.  Contact Koetter Building Services for an assessment of your fall protection needs.


Let Koetter keep your business OSHA 1926.501 Compliant!