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Masonry Construction:

The Masonry Division is responsible for laying concrete masonry block, stone or brick on every Koetter project. They utilize many different types of architectural methods and materials in creating award winning projects.

The Masonry Division works closely with the Concrete and Steel Divisions in laying out building projects to work exactly to masonry unit dimensions. The Masonry crews lay in door and window openings, build in structural reinforcement, coordinate electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough ins and provide bearing support for structural steel members. They do this with precise dimensioning and consideration for the architectural aspects of the completed work.

The Masonry crews are brought up through the trade, learning each aspect under the direction of a Division Manager. They start as laborers, learning the skills and methods of building scaffold systems to strict guidelines. They are taught how to mix mortar and stock materials on to the scaffolds to maintain pace with the skilled masons actually laying block or brick. Over time, they are exposed to layout skills and actually begin to learn the different methods of laying masonry. When a laborer moves up to “the wall”, they have truly accomplished a great deal.

Key Benefits of chosing The Koetter Group’s Masonry Division:

  • They are noted for their attention to detail and skill in coordinating their work with all other trades.
  • The Masonry Division fills in their ranks by providing their own skilled work force through on the job training.
  • The crews utilize the latest in scaffold systems including pump up systems that raise easily as the work progresses.