Steel Erection & Fabrication:

The Koetter Steel Division is involved in every aspect of Koetter-built projects. They are consulted at the design and engineering phase for their unique experiences in solving challenges and for feedback on methods and applications for building designs.

The Steel Division provides the expertise and skill necessary to erect the structural systems from which other trades will build from, or to. They also fabricate individual building components such as crane support systems, stairs, railing systems and mechanical platforms from raw steel stock.

The Steel Division installs roofing and sheet metal wall systems for all pre-engineered and many conventional building projects. Their experience in providing a weather-tight building project is a testament to their skill with metals and other materials to give Koetter clients a durable, attractive and high quality project. From equipment curbs and roof top penetrations, to flashing and detailing metal to masonry, these crews achieve excellence in construction on every project.

Key benefits of choosing the Koetter
Steel Division for your next project:

  • The Koetter Steel Division has erected over 6 million tons of structural steel on average over the past five years.
  • The Steel Division crews each have dedicated management.
  • Each crew receives ongoing training.
  • Steel Division Managers have over 90 years of combined experience in their field.